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What is 2DUniverse?

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What is 2DUniverse?

2DUniverse is the ultimate user driven texture modding experience when it comes to professional wrestling games. The 2DU engine provides a blank canvas for users to create whatever they want. The texture modding of 2DU will be executed the same way you've seen it done in other communities for games like No Mercy, RAW for PC, the 2K franchise, Action Arcade Wrestling and FirePro World. Even games like MineCraft and the Sims amongst many others! All of this 'User-Generated Content' is customized artwork shared by the users of the community for others to texture mod their 2DU game as well.

The goal of 2DU is for anyone to be able to pick up our engine and play. In very short time you will see more focus on developing the 'simulation' aspect of the game. 2DU will become the ultimate pro wrestling simulator. If you are of a fan of management/booking games you will love what 2DU has in store for the future.

What is included in the BETA edition of 2DUniverse?


- Select from 2 different body shapes

- Adjust character scale

- Edit textures for all character body parts

- Export creations to share on



- Adjust rope color

- Edit textures for apron, posts, turnbuckles, canvas & outside mat

- Export creations to share on



- Create stop-motion style move animations in game

- Regular, Submission and pin fall based moves

- Submit creations on to be added to future updates



- Create promotions and groups

- Add custom logos for promotions, groups & events

- Organize characters within created promotion groups

- Move characters to other promotions/groups



- Simulate 1v1 match

- Use created characters and rings


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